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How furniture helps children learn

How furniture helps children learn

When you think of the tools that children can use to help them learn, you may think of books, computers and stationery. If you are tasked with designing a classroom, however, it is important you understand the importance of furniture and how it can help children learn. Here’s how school furniture helps children learn.

1. Promote a calm environment

Scientific studies have shown that calming colours help lower children’s blood pressure. This means that pupils are less likely to be hyperactive or throw a tantrum in a room that contains muted or pastel tones. Calmer children will be able to concentrate more easily, helping them to learn and engage with school material more successfully.

2. Improve their focus

Just like adults, children can easily be distracted when they are forced to work in a cluttered environment. If children have to work at a desk that is cluttered or full of distractions they will be unable to focus and may even begin to feel stressed due to the state of their working environment. Furniture such as storage trays will ensure children can put non-essential items and their personal belongings away whilst working and help them create a clear, clutter-free workspace that is free of distractions.

3. Inspire their minds

For many children, going to school can feel incredibly repetitive and boring. When children are forced into the same classroom each day, they can quickly become irritable and uninspired. Mobile furniture allows a teacher to effortlessly change the layout of their classroom and provide a fresh, new learning environment for their pupils. For example, a teacher can re-design their classroom easily with mobile furniture at the start of each week to ensure pupils are greeted with a new and engaging classroom. Mobile furniture is also useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows teachers to adapt their classroom to meet social distancing guidelines.

If you have been tasked with designing a classroom or have been allocated a budget to spend within the UK school rebuilding programme, ensure you select furniture that will help children to learn and enjoy coming to school.

How furniture helps children learn – where to find out more

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