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How to choose classroom furniture

How to choose classroom furniture

Whether you’re a contractor, architect or headteacher, choosing classroom furniture can be a difficult task. You need to strike the correct balance between furniture which is practical and comfortable, yet also looks visually appealing in a classroom. Plus, the furniture may need to be smaller than regular furniture, so that children can access it easily. To find out our tips on how to choose classroom furniture, continue reading.

Invest in quality

It may be tempting to go for the cheapest deal possible when it comes to classroom furniture. However, good quality products are essential in the classroom environment. By investing in high-quality furniture now, you can be assured that it will last for years to come. It is well known that children can often be clumsy and tend to break things easily. Poor quality furniture may be quickly ruined, but durable and well-made furniture will stand the test of time.

Create flexible environments

When choosing classroom furniture, it is essential that you think about creating a flexible learning environment. This is especially relevant with the current pandemic, as classrooms are having to social distance to protect children. Mobile furniture, which can easily be moved around, is a great choice as it allows you to design the classroom to your liking. This furniture can be positioned so that one-way systems can be easily created and space can be made between desks.

Consider organisation

It is important to think about furniture than can help with storage and organisation. Classrooms are full of important documents as well as work produced by children and other resources. No teacher wants to mix this information up, and possibly lose important work. Therefore, consider investing in a range of storage units, such as wall units and base units. These can be used to store books, paper and other equipment. Storage trays are also great, as they give children a place to store their own personal belongings.

How to choose classroom furniture – where to find out more

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