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Transform your school office environment

In the last couple of years the planning of school estates has experienced a major shift. The end of the Building Schools for the Future programme has taken the focus away from new school development projects and replaced it with a drive to refurbish existing school buildings and a desire to create inspiring learning environments.

There has been much research into school environments and how they can help or hinder learning, development and teaching. The Guardian recently published a photo gallery of ‘inspiring classrooms and learning environments’, which explored how schools are experimenting with their learning spaces.

Transforming teaching environments in schools however shouldn’t just stop at the classroom. At the heart of every school is its head teacher who is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, and requires a suitable office environment that allows them to carry out their daily duties.

School office furniture

Refurbishing your office doesn’t need to be a costly exercise. Simply reorganising the layout of your school office furniture can sometimes significantly improve the look and feel of the room. Another cost effective way to revamp your office space is with a new storage system; school storage units will not only make your office look tidier, they will improve the way you feel about your office environment too.

As a leading manufacturer and installer of fitted school furniture, we manufacture a full range of base and wall storage units for office spaces. Available in 20 different colours as standard, our school storage units will compliment a wide range of colour schemes, whether you’re looking for pastel colours to create a calm office environment or bolder colours to truly make a statement.

Our static base storage units can be adapted with the addition of wheel castors to make mobile office storage, so you can move your school furniture with ease and fix the wheel locks in place when you have reached the desired location.

In addition to our standard Education range of fitted office furniture we also design and manufacture bespoke reception desks for school offices and school reception areas.

Download our Education furniture brochure or call us on 01843 604896 to discuss your school office furniture requirements.