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More room required: Government announces new school building funding

The Minister of State for Schools, David Laws, announced this summer that the Department for Education (DofE) has targeted capital funding worth over £820m toward the creation of 74,000 ‘high-quality’ school places.

They hope to achieve this aim by building 45 new schools and rolling out a programme of classroom and school building refurbishment at over 330 existing schools across the UK.

These places are in sore need, with DofE figures proposing 417,000 spaces are required by 2015 to ensure that all children in the UK can go to school and receive the education they deserve.

Classroom space is certainly an issue given today’s larger class sizes, a problem which is underpinned by school furniture that is dated or not fit for purpose. And while building more learning spaces in the form of new classrooms is a must, more can be done now to utilise the existing space in any given classroom more effectively.

Calling on over 30 years of experience in building school furniture, our Education range of fitted classroom furniture has been designed with performance in mind. We have learnt how to make the best use of space, while providing functional furniture that is fit for any learning environment.

Classroom furniture for a better learning environment

Ingenious space-saving storage trays, static and mobile storage units and hardwearing easy-clean worktops combine to create the optimum environment in which to educate the next generation.

From nursery furniture to university furniture, reception storage to library bookcases, our Education furniture range is designed with flexibility in mind. Choose from a large number of colour options so that you can display your school colours with pride.

Download our Education furniture brochure, browse our product range online or complete our simple enquiry form.