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School commits to educating pupils in food and health with £32,000 food technology classroom refurbishment.

School commits to educating pupils in food and health with £32,000 food technology classroom refurbishment.

From food bloggers sharing family friendly recipes to glossy Instagram accounts showcasing perfectly ripened avocados and green juices, the food industry is constantly changing and evolving.

Following the announcement last summer that A Level food technology was to be abolished, food is a subject that hasn’t been very far from everyone’s lips in recent months. Children, in particular, have been in the news, with concerns over soaring childhood obesity rates and Jamie Oliver’s introduction of the sugar tax this year, and the education sector is playing a key role in changing attitudes to food and health in children and young people.

We’re all familiar with the famous saying, give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. This ethos has never been truer than when educating children to prepare and cook food. Childhood health and a good attitude to food begin in the classroom, and having the tools and facilities to prepare healthy meals is a key component to tackling issues with food.

One school taking measures to promote good childhood health is Hampshire’s Yateley Community School, which tasked David Bailey Furniture Systems with refitting its food technology classrooms to ensure food could be learnt about in a safe and productive environment. The school proved its commitment to the cause by installing 15 mini kitchen workstations to create a practical and inspiring working environment.

For adults, eating well usually comes hand in hand with making an informed decision about health. For children, encouraging them to make healthy choices by making meal preparation fun and creative is essential. The furniture installed for Yateley Community School had to reflect this, so cheerful tones of red, green, orange, blue and yellow were added to workstations across three classrooms.

As the second largest secondary school in the southeast, Yateley was keen to do its bit to promote healthy eating in the local community as part of its contribution to enabling young people to make healthy food choices.

Ensuring children eat a well-balanced diet and are educated in how to cook and prepare food is an ongoing commitment, and Yateley’s investment will significantly improve facilities for the current 1,500 11 to 16 year olds and future students alike.

Andy Moffett, Caretaker at Yateley School, said: “We are really pleased with our new food technology rooms; they provide the students with a superb resource. We can’t speak highly enough of the David Bailey team, who have created a wonderful learning environment for students.”

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