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Cookery lessons in school kitchens now part of the furniture

Cookery lessons in school kitchens now part of the furniture

As of this school year it has become compulsory for primary schools to start teaching pupils as young as eight basic cooking skills in the kitchen – giving them the abilities they need to prepare a balanced meal with simple ingredients in the hope of setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Nutritional activists have been campaigning for years – starting most notably with Jamie Oliver’s attack on turkey twizzlers and unhealthy school lunches – to instil the merits of a healthy diet in the hearts and minds of British children.

Now, thanks to constant pressure and the unrelenting efforts of children’s health advocates, we’re well on track with healthy eating standards laid out for some maintained schools and academies in England.

We’re even further along that track now that these essential skills are being taught as part of the curriculum; leading our kids away from what prominent TV chef, and judge of the Great British Bake Off, Mary Berry called a “wilderness” that could leave them “eating junk”.

It’s already proven in a study carried out by the Children’s Food Trust that education about healthy food and  how to prepare it, improves a child’s recognition of healthier foods and their desire to eat them.

These are important lessons to learn to ensure a healthy future, and they are lessons which need to be learned in the proper school kitchen environment.

Furniture for school kitchens needs to be robust and well designed – combining high durability and usability with the latest in hygienic technology to create a safe and healthy environment in which school children can safely create a healthy meal.

Our school kitchen furniture is built to these high standards and has been designed as suitable for all types of learning establishments, with built in safety features and specialist joinery options available to suit any school kitchen’s individual requirements.

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