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New child-safe hinge for school furniture

New child-safe hinge for school furniture

David Bailey Furniture Systems has introduced a new hinge to its Education range of fitted furniture for schools, colleges and universities to prevent accidents involving children trapping their fingers in cupboard doors.

The new nickel-plated metal hinge has a 155º opening angle and spring closing mechanism. The wide-angle hinge has a flat cap to prevent children getting their fingers trapped and also offers greater access to cupboards and other storage units.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), every year 30,000 children trap and crush their fingers in doors. Some of these accidents will be serious and require surgery, other injuries will be as commonplace as cuts and bruises.

Close up of the child-safe hinge


The most common finger trapping incidents happen in the hinge side of doors, where gaps provide an easy resting place for small fingers. To prevent these accidents from occurring it is essential for schools to use the correct fittings and fixtures to maintain a safe teaching environment.

For further information about the new hinge, call David Bailey on 01843 604896