Education wall storage units

Made In Britain
wall storage units

Our versatile wall storage units for schools come in a variety of widths and feature a single, double and corner design, along with an open storage unit.

Single wall unit

1 Door
1 Adjustable shelf

400mm wide > Code EF/W4
500mm wide > Code EF/W5
600mm wide > Code EF/W6

Open wall unit

No doors
2 fixed shelves

500mm wide > Code EF/OW5
600mm wide > Code EF/OW6
800mm wide > Code EF/OW8
1000mm wide > Code EF/OW10
1200mm wide > Code EF/OW12

Corner wall unit

1 Door
1 Adjustable shelf

600mm x 600mm wide > Code EF/CW6

Double wall unit

2 Doors
1 Adjustable shelf
Centre division

800mm wide > Code EF/W8
1000mm wide > Code EF/W10
1200mm wide > Code EF/W12

N.B. For sliding doors add ‘S’ at end of code. For glass doors add ‘G’ at end of code, i.e. HL/W12/SG = 1200mm wide sliding glass doors.

If you have any questions about our education wall storage units email us, or fill in our enquiry form. Alternatively you can call us on 01843 604896.

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