Education base storage trays

Made In Britain
Base storage trays

Our storage trays provide essential storage and come in a single, double or triple design with high or low units.

High units

860mm or 800mm high (includes 100mm plinth)

Low units

700mm high (includes 100mm plinth)


Deep carcass

Single base tray storage

360mm wide
Open Front
6 Tray Slide

360mm wide > Code EF/BTS

Double base tray storage

720mm wide
Open Front
12 Tray Slides

720mm wide > Code EF/BTD

Triple base tray storage

1080mm wide
Open Front
18 Tray Slides

1080mm wide > Code EF/BTT

If you have any questions about our education base storage trays email us, or fill in our enquiry form. Alternatively you can call us on 01843 604896.

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