Nursery furniture – child’s play for David Bailey

Manufactured furniture to suit the discerning tastes of children. The ‘mini-furniture’ was specifically designed and manufactured in bright colours, in exact miniature proportions for children’s use and included miniature cupboards, shelving units and wall units for nurseries.

David Bailey supplied nursery furniture to a number of hospitals, including the day nursery at the prestigious Kings College Hospital, London; the Wendy House Nursery, Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath; the day care nursery in St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, and Sure Start Nursery in the Sidley Community Centre, Bexhill.

“We are delighted with the results. The nursery looks fantastic and the furniture is both durable and safe,” commented Mark Ashlee of Soden Construction Group, contractor for the Kings College Hospital project.

When designing furniture for nurseries, David Bailey includes many safety features, such as recessed handles that do not protrude beyond the overhanging worktop and will not catch on clothes. The cupboard doors open completely back on themselves, hung on 170-degree high quality durable Blum metal hinges. This allows the doors to ‘give’ if someone runs into it and, in the case of wall units, can prevent nasty head injuries from cupboard doors left open. In addition, exposed edges of doors are melamine edged to ensure a smooth finish. Alternatively, a 2mm PVC edging eliminates sharp corners on doors and drawers.

“With any project, it is important not to feel limited to off the shelf designs. Bespoke furniture can help achieve the best solution and this does not mean an increase in expenditure.” stressed Trevor Gillman, managing director of David Bailey Furniture Systems.

Case study date: February 19, 2014

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